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“RALLY CAPS” is an independent film and passionate coming-of-age story for kids that channels the heart of classic Disney sports films. Based on true events, and adapted from the book by father-daughter writing team of Stephen J. Cutler and Jodi Michelle Cutler, it focuses on a young boy named Jordy who overcomes a serious injury he experiences during a Little League baseball tryout. Jordy goes to summer camp and he is inspired to come back to the mound when he forms a friendship with a deaf boy named Lucas. Lucas plays catcher and is facing his own crises of just having Cochlear Implant surgery. Together, they form a special bond as friends and pitcher/catcher duo, and lead their team in the camp championship game. The tale harkens us back to the classics of the past, while also incorporating a fresh spin with modern social issues. The major themes deal with children learning to have confidence in themselves, overcoming adversity and believing that “Anything is Possible.”